Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer Intern Portfolio

The Marriage of Figaro Opera Poster
This was a poster I designed for a studio class where we all were to make posters based off of different famous operas. I drew The Marriage of Figaro and decided to play on the gender roles being switched into the play. I made the dress out of folded construction paper, and the type is completely hand drawn.

Thieves Like Us Website
A website I designed for a class where we had to pick our favorite band and construct a website for them. Thieves Like Us has a cold, electronic sound which is what I went for in the geometric shapes and typorgraphy of the site. I emailed them this website, and they not only responded but actually liked it a lot!

Lacoste/Moma Packaging Design
This was a project I did for a class where I was to take three different art movements of my choosing and market them for Lacoste as if they were collaborating with an art museum (MOMA). In order from left to right (Art Nouveau, De Stijl, Cubism). I designed each top half of the boxes differently, and I tied them all together with the black block at the bottom to make them cohesive.

Susan G Komen For the Cure Fiesta Pin
A Pin I designed for the Susan G Komen For the Cure. The design was to have positive words about breast cancer exploding out of a cascarone, a tradition of Fiesta in San Antonio.

Rob Sheehy Experience Album Jacket
I did this freelance for a friend starting a cover band. It was very off the wall and avante garde. The most memorable of his songs, was a reading from a disturbing children's book called "Latanya the Naughty Horse" about a horse who smoked and drank her way to her own death. That's what I went for as far as art direction for the cover.

Social Butterfly Poster
This was a really fun project I did for a studio class where we had to make posters for film genres. Yo my delight I got Sci Fi, and my randomly picked film title was "Social Butterfly" I decided the film would be about a woman infected by an alien spore that spread it all around an enterprise spaceship "socially." I wanted to play off the hexagonal corridors that are in most sci fi space moves, but make them seem like they were very insect-like, and creepy.

Acid Inks Identity and Stationary
A project I worked on at my first Internship. I was to make a logo for a fictitious printing company called "Acid Inks." I came up with the logo by fusing a squid and ink to give it a sort of quirky, edgy look. For the collateral I took the ink idea further by dying the business card, letterhead and envelope with watered down black ink. them cohesive for the campaign.

Stuart's Corndog Identity & Packaging Design
I had to design a food logo and package design for the items that company would be selling. To my dismay I got Corndogs as my selling item, but I found the circus as my inspiration for this project, and grew to love the project. I ended up using a circus strongman as the logo holding up two larger than life corndogs. I also did the copywriting.

Recycling Flyer
This was a flyer I made while I was doing my internship with the Environmental Club. It was simple and too the point, but I wanted it to have a worn/vintage feel, and sort of pop off the wall since it would be posted on a bulletin board surrounded by other flyers.

The Book of Keys
A coffee table book based off of one object, a set of keys, that I made for a layout design class.

Worm Hole Comic Book Covers
Wormhole was a comic book I created and also designed the logotype, and covers for. I used a very graphic illustrative style to get the point across for each issue.

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