Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Rob Sheehy Experience CD Jacket

Even though the Rob Sheehy Experience never asked me to play in their band (but asked all of my friends) I decided it might be fun to do a CD jacket for them since I've never done one before.  I decided to play off of one of their more interesting songs, Latawnya the Naughty Horse, based off of a children's book about a horse who got mixed up with drugs and alcohol.  I also thought that their music since so Avante Garde could be interpreted as unworldly and decided to use outer space as the background.  The story I was trying to tell I guess was maybe Latawnya was about to hit rock bottom, which was why she was on that ledge constructed of the i.  The Typography seems appropriate; it's cluttered and disorganized much like their music.

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  1. i forgot to tell you how amazing i think this is.

    I think this is really amazing.