Saturday, March 21, 2009

Big Mike's Coffee Logos

The following Logos were those that I did for a design contest held for a coffee shop called Big Mike's Coffee.

So for this one I was just experimenting with rough type.  I like taking clean type and wearing it out, just to see how far I can go before you can't read it.  Dirty, rough type is making a comeback from what I've seen.
Coffee on the brain?  This one is easily my favorites.  I wanted to add a different, personal concept to the design of Big Mike's coffee.  An image that could not easily be forgotten.
This is me being me.  I like the quirkiness of it, but I just feel like I do this style all the time, and wanted to move away from it.
This was an idea I had inspired by a color wheel.  I thought the different shades of brown could represent different flavors of coffee.
I had no idea what Big Mike really looked like, and I thought the logo could use a personal accent on it, making it his own.  I came up with this rough, smiley face idea.
This was just an idea I had when exploring what I could do with the typography, making the G of the "Big" nestle the coffee cup.
Same exact concept as above but with different font and in a different shape.
While researching (aka me drinking coffee) I noticed the ring that's almost always left by a coffee mug and thought up a concept to use this as part of the logo.  The first ones I did resembled skid marks but this one is clean and easily recognizable as a coffee ring.

This would be the "safe" logo I did.  It could really go for any coffee shop name, but I liked the simplicity and cleanness of it.  I added a stirring stick to make it seem more unique.

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